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About Tonken

Ken brings the sunshine, colour and spices of the Seychelles Islands to Eumundi Markets every Wednesday and Saturday.

He grew up in a huge spice garden, where the melding and use of spices and condiments reflected the broad ethnic diversity of the Seychelles culture (a fusion of roots that are French, African, Indian and Asian).

Ken's lifelong foodie passion is now a full-time family business he runs with his wife June.

Together they make TonKen's Seychelles Creole Spices & Condiments - curry pastes , powders, spice mixes, dry spices, chutneys, relishes, achars/pickles and creole sauces.

Fresh seafood (especially fish and octopus), rice, vegetables and tropical fruit are the keynote of the Seychelles cuisine, although meat is increasingly an important ingredient, and Ken will happily suggest recipes to introduce the Creole spices and condiments in your cooking.

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