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Creole Cuisine

The manner in which spices and condiments are prepared in Seychelles reflect the ethnic diversity and origins of the local culture: a melting pot of French, African, Indian and Asian settlers and their descendents.  The subtle blend of spices is the base for some mouth-watering and tantalising exotic cooking.

The basic ingredients of the Seychelles cuisine are tomatoes ('pomme d'amour'), onions (‘zonyons’), ginger ('zenzam'), garlic ('lay') and chilli's ('piman').  Curries ('cari'), chutneys ('chatini') and pickles ('achar') are part of the local culinary tradition. 

Coconut milk is a popular thickener and flavour enhancer for many curry dishes and some sweet and savoury desserts.


Fresh seafood (especially fish and octopus), rice, vegetables and tropical fruit are the keynote of the Seychelles cuisine, although meat is increasingly an important ingredient.


TonKen invites you to sample a taste of Seychelles cuisine - introduce the Creole spices and condiments in your cooking, light the candles, bring in the atmosphere, open a bottle of nice wine or bubbly and satisfy the senses!

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